Monday, 29 December 2014

Season's Greetings from Basil and Saffy

So for us, Christmas part 1 is over. Christmas part 2 (with the in-laws) commences tomorrow.

Saffy's 'hearts and minds' campaign continues apace. She's won over everyone on my side of the family including my staunchly anti-pet Dad. Saffy has pretty much managed to out him as a secret cat-lover, it was all very moving.

Basil maintains his distancing policy from the interloper. He's really not happy, spending a lot of time sulking, hiding, growling and hissing. He'll come around though I'm sure.

Here are some pics of them over the last week. Basil has mainly been on the stairs glaring at Saffy (who's being kept in the living room behind a barrier that Basil can clear, but she can't (yet)). Saffy has been alternately murdering all the toys she can lay her paws on, and snoozing in the cosiest spots.

Here's Basil finally relaxing a little bit on Christmas Day: 

And Saffy as fire building apprentice: