Monday, 22 December 2014

The New Arrival

She's here! We brought Saffy home on Saturday and after a fairly nervous start, she's settling in well. At first, it was a struggle to even get her out from underneath the sofa, which is kind of fair enough given the level of upheaval for her tiny self.

Just a couple of days later, she's bouncing around like she owns the place. She's a tiny bundle of energy, she's like a little wind-up toy. I don't have that many photos to share as so far they're all just black and white blurs of her tearing around the place. Like all kittens, she's goes completely mental for a few hours and then totally crashes out dead to the world. This last part still mostly happens underneath the sofa.

She's also got the loudest, most enthusiastic purr that utterly belies her size. Her miaow is a teeny squeak that makes her sound more like a monkey than a cat. In short, she's adorable, and we are smitten.

One member of the household who's not quite so enamoured is our dear Basil. We've tried to introduce them a few times. I'm relieved to say he's shown no signs of trying to attack/eat her, and she shows no fear at all. Quite the opposite in fact, Basil just hisses and runs away doing sad miaows (his 'woe is me, what have I done to deserve this' miaows that he usually reserves for the vet's waiting room). I'm sure he'll come around in the end though.

Here he is. He says Saffy gives him a migraine: