Saturday, 26 March 2011

Transformation into Crazy Cat Lady... 50% complete

... I've bought us tickets for the London Pet Show at Olympia. Yes that is 'us', poor boy. Is this getting out of hand?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

This is Llandar Coolhand Luke. He is Basil and Parsley's daddy, and lives here at Zawadi Bengals. He's looking very handsome and pleased with himself in this pic, as I'm sure anyone would if the word 'Stud' was in their job title.

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Chosen Ones

And here we are, clear and without a doubt who's who, here they are, our chosen ones...



Parsley (left) and Basil (right):

I hear tell that Parsley is already the alpha-kitten, always first to investigate anything new etc., I suspect he's going to be a bit of a handful. I can't wait!

Thanks for the pics Caroline, much appreciated : )

Monday, 7 March 2011


Inspired by our first meeting with young B&P, we made a tentative start on our shopping this weekend. I have a huge list of stuff to acquire before K-day (16th May all being well), so we've got to start somewhere. One major concern in all of this is just how u.g.l.y so much cat-related paraphernalia can be, I mean, christ, just look at this :
image from (sorry to be slagging it off)

I don't mean to sound like a massive snob, but I don't want that in my living room! So, whilst wanting Basil and Parsley to be as happy as they can possibly be, we're both a little too flat-proud to allow this sort of furry monstrosity in. We're solving this by hoping to make most of the items ourselves. I say we. That's a lie. That ball is firmly in boyfriend's court, but I don't doubt he'll do a stellar job. Posts to follow (soon I hope) on initial designs for our spectacular cat wall.

Ticked off the list of hideousness-averted items this week, include the cat carrier, food bowls and blankets. See below in stylish black and beige. Less stylish is the spangly wand toy, but it was only a quid, I couldn't resist it. Completing the first shop was some grow-your-own cat grass, which I'm very excited about, that can start doing its thing on the windowledge next to the basil - the plant that is, not the kitten. Oh dear. Progress report on the growing of the grass to follow soon as well I hope! That's all for now.

First Visit

OMG! Best evening ever! On Friday, we went to visit our litter for the first time, and my goodness, they were tiny, and they were adorable. Mum Mia was very cool, and very happy. Pics below, only from the iphone I'm afraid. Hopefully more to follow from Caroline's camera, which is considerably better than mine.

We had the tricky task of choosing our 2, which to be honest was almost impossible. They're all adorable, and not really old enough yet to be showing signs of 'who's who', so we just went on gut instinct, and will hope for the best!

That's Basil on my lap in the last pic there. More individual shots to follow soon, watch this space.