Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Visiting time

We went to visit Parsley this evening, here he is looking gorgeous as always:

He perked right up when we came in, rolling around on the floor like the silly tart that he is. It was really good to see him. It's hard at the moment, as every time we visit, we have to almost assume that it might be the last, but given how ill he is, he seemed very much himself.

The nurses even had a photo of him climbing up the doors there, just trying to get attention I think. What an idiot. Will try and get a copy of that to post next time.

After finally eating last night, he's apparently refused food all day again today, so we're really not out of the woods yet. Key thing will be how his white blood cells are doing by the time he's due for his next chemo on Thursday.

Just in case you're reading this, I want to say a huge thank you to Catherine and all the nurses at our vets, you're doing a sterling job, and I consider myself lucky that if this had to happen, at least my Parsley's getting the best possible care with you guys.