Sunday, 16 February 2014

Happy Birthday Basil & Parsley!

Today is Basil and Parsley's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday my darlings!

I am delighted to report that Parsley is not only still with us (it's been touch and go), he was even able to come home today! He's got to be back at the vets on Tuesday for another chemo thing, but we're ecstatic to have him here to ourselves, even for a couple of days. He's been at the vets for an entire week, and despite them doing a wonderful job, he wasn't really having a very good time, as you can imagine.

On arrival home, first point of order was a good long go on the scratching post:

Claws in order (and a little stress relieved, no doubt), Parsley then hot-footed it to the cat flap, and spent a good couple of hours chillaxing in the sun with his brother, getting to know his old stomping ground. We were so so lucky with the weather today, it's been beautiful. I think we'd all forgotten the simple pleasure of the sun warming your skin.

We're really pleased with the amount that Parsley has eaten since coming home. He's been pretty much stuffing his face all day, which after a week of refusing most food and being syringe-fed, is fantastic to see. He's mostly been enjoying shrimp and mackerel in jelly, some chicken treats, and he licked the gravy off a bowl of elk. Yes, we have elk cat food, it's from Sweden.

Parsley and I also enjoyed a lovely afternoon nap together. After all, playing in the garden is very hard work.

Given how up and down Parsley's health has been at the vets, I honestly didn't think we'd be getting him home again, so even if he doesn't pull through long term, I feel so lucky to have had this positive time with him today.

My only real concern now is how he will fare tomorrow, as we're not here to keep an eye on him. Our commute to London means we're out of the house a minimum of 11.5 hours for work, which if he's going to take a sudden turn for the worse, is a bloody long time. Thankfully, our lovely neighbour and dear friend Mandy should be about to pop in on him a couple of times. Hurrah for good neighbours is all I can say.

More positive news soon I hope, keen everything crossed please folks.