Sunday, 29 March 2015


Caesar must die, Caesar must die...

There's been a lot of conspiring going on this week from the looks of it. Basil has been plotting revenge and world domination:

Saffy has been plotting, ooh a nap, followed by a snuggle, maybe a snooze, and then a sneaky attack on that fluffy mouse that's been hanging around lately:

In other news, Saffy has not had a particularly good week:

Fear not, nothing serious! She's been spayed, so a routine operation and she's recovering well. The cone lasted about an hour before she managed to get one of her front legs in it too and then couldn't walk. We gave up.

You'll be pleased to hear Basil cheered up later on, after realising that revenge on this cruel world actually takes quite a lot of effort, and there may not be a ready supply of snacks.