Sunday, 23 November 2014

Kitten visit

Cuteness overload! Today we went to visit the litter of kittens and picked out our little girl. So, everyone, I'd like to introduce... Saffy.

That's short for Saffron, sticking broadly with the herbs and spices theme. Thanks for all the suggestions for various names by the way, those that have gotten involved, it's been fun choosing.

I love her asymmetrical markings, it kinda looks like she's got an ink splodge on her face. Supercute! Adorably, she was the only one of the kittens that hung around the whole time that we were there as well, so I think it's meant to be.

And here's their wonderful mum. She's a beautiful cat, about a year old, very petite and incredibly friendly. She's looking for a home too, so if you have a cat-shaped hole in your life, drop me a line, I'm sure she'd be a delightful addition to any household.

In other news, Basil brought in a pigeon this evening. Rather alarming for all involved. No idea how he managed to even get it through the cat flap, and he's never managed to catch anything before. Like, ever. The pigeon was still alive, flapping about on our stairs, and seemingly unharmed aside from being very shaken. We've put him in a cosy box outside with some bird seed, and hopefully he'll recover and get himself out of here. If not, I guess that's just nature.
Basil is currently locked in and howling like a banshee at the cat flap. It's all a bit distressing really. I wonder if this is some sort of psychic statement from Basil as to his feelings about us getting another cat...