Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New Faces

Now that Spring has almost sprung, we're getting lots of visitors to our lovely garden. Most of whom Basil and Parsley consider it their duty to fight with and see off accordingly. Key cuplrits are...


He lives next door-but-one, part Bengal from the looks of it, and is constantly trying to get into our house for no apparent reason. He's on a mission. Look, he's even trying the door handles:

And this sly fox:

I'm loving seeing this guy around looking so healthy, but it does also worry me with regards the boys, especially as we saw him chasing Parsley the other day.

We've also had the privilege of taking care of our neighbours 3 cats whilst they're on holiday this past week or so. The two girls, Poppy and Bella are pretty much terrified of us and have barely ventured out from under the bed all week. The big British Blue, Topaz, on the other hand is our new best friend. Here he is, the handsome devil:

He likes tuna. And sitting in his amazon box.

Right, enough of these interlopers, back to my favourites. Hardly any pics of them together this time around, as they've kind of fallen out and have spent most of the last month or so hissing and howling at each other. Not much fun for anyone. I'm hoping it's a sort of teenage phase. They buddy-ed up at my Mum's house though, whilst we were away in Mallorca. D'awww... dunno why they look so terrified. I'll blame my Dad.

Basil has been practising his grumpiest faces:

Parsley has been helping with the gardening:

Other than that it's been business as usual -  sleeping, snuggling and looking dumb:

That's all for now folks.