Monday, 7 March 2011


Inspired by our first meeting with young B&P, we made a tentative start on our shopping this weekend. I have a huge list of stuff to acquire before K-day (16th May all being well), so we've got to start somewhere. One major concern in all of this is just how u.g.l.y so much cat-related paraphernalia can be, I mean, christ, just look at this :
image from (sorry to be slagging it off)

I don't mean to sound like a massive snob, but I don't want that in my living room! So, whilst wanting Basil and Parsley to be as happy as they can possibly be, we're both a little too flat-proud to allow this sort of furry monstrosity in. We're solving this by hoping to make most of the items ourselves. I say we. That's a lie. That ball is firmly in boyfriend's court, but I don't doubt he'll do a stellar job. Posts to follow (soon I hope) on initial designs for our spectacular cat wall.

Ticked off the list of hideousness-averted items this week, include the cat carrier, food bowls and blankets. See below in stylish black and beige. Less stylish is the spangly wand toy, but it was only a quid, I couldn't resist it. Completing the first shop was some grow-your-own cat grass, which I'm very excited about, that can start doing its thing on the windowledge next to the basil - the plant that is, not the kitten. Oh dear. Progress report on the growing of the grass to follow soon as well I hope! That's all for now.