Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cat Cousins

A bit like Care Bear Cousins, but more accessible.

This is Harvey (first image) and Bugsy (second). These fellows belong to (separate) friends of mine and were the final furry straws in our decision to get Basil and Parsley. As I may have already said, I have wanted cats since I was old enough to learn the words 'want' and 'cat' and now that we are no longer living in any sort of shared accommodation, the only thing holding me back was concern for their welfare and happiness in our a London flat.

Knowing Harvey and Bugsy has allayed these fears 100%. They're both 'flat-cats' and yet both healthy and contented, which was something I just wasn't confident was possible before I met them. Bugsy even does house visits (that's our coffee table he's sat on), so I hope B&P will become firm friends with him (and Harvey, if he wants to come over) once they arrive.